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Settings for the LO2C device

After you install the tanmatsu doraiba (terminal driver) and the LO2C setsuzoku sofuto (LO2C connection software) from NTT docomo's CD-ROM into your computer, please launch the LO2C connection software and configure it to make an Internet connection with your Asahi Net User Name and password. After installing the LO2C connection software it will automatically attempt to connect to the Mopera service - please cancel that and then continue with the configuration below.


1. Launch the LO2C connection software. It can be found either in your DOCK, Applications folder or your desktop.

Connection Manager

2. Click on the Connection Manager button.

LO2C connection software

3. Click on Purofairu Settei (profile setting).

LO2C connection software

4. Enter the following, and then click on the Settei (apply) button.

Setsuzokusaki (APN) Mei (APN Name)
YuuzaID (User Name) Asahi Net User
Pasuwaado (Password) The password for the Asahi Net User ID
Ninshou houhou (Authentication method) CHAP
Setsuzoku houshiki (Connection method) IPv4

LO2C connection software

5. You will be asked if you want to save the profile. Click the Hai (OK) button.

LO2C connection software

6. You will be told the profile has been saved. Click the Hai (OK) button.

LO2C connection software

7. Click the LO2C connection software button.

LO2C connection software


8. Confirm the displayed Setsuzokusaki (APN) Mei (APN Name) is then click the Setsuzoku (connection) button to connect to the Internet.

LO2C connection software