Access counter | Change the beginning value of the count

Starting count value

Specification method

Example : st=10000

  • This parameter will make the counter start off at the value you indicate. This is useful if you are switching to Asahi Net's access counter from another one; or if you just want to make people think your page is more popular than it really is.
  • To change the beginning value of the count, add the tag st= to your script.
  • Put the start value after the st=.
  • Once the numerical value of the counter starts counting it cannot be changed. If you do need to change it, try to change it using df=xx.dat tag where xx is equal to the number you wish, then upload it.
  • To use more than one parameter in a counter, separate them with & or the | symbol.

Example of display


Examples of access counter tags (st=10000)

The tag will differ depending on which homepage service is being used.

Type of Homepage Service Access counter tag
Individual Homepage <IMG SRC="" ALT="">
FreeAddress <IMG SRC="" ALT="">
MMJP Homepage <IMG SRC="" ALT="">
Virtual Domain Web Hosting <IMG SRC="" ALT="">