Access counter | Basics

Basic access counter tag

Homepage Service Basic access counter tag
Individual Homepage <IMG SRC="" ALT="">
Freeaddress <IMG SRC="" ALT="">
MMJP Homepage <IMG SRC="" ALT="">
Virtual Domain Homepage <IMG SRC="|domain=www.your-domain-name (*1)" ALT="">

*1 Please change the "your-domain-name" part of the access counter tag to be your acquired domain name.


The xx inside the access counter tag is the name of the file where the count number will be recorded. It doesn't matter if it is an alphanumeric character or an arbitrary name. Please change xx when you put the access counter on two or more pages, and you want to start the count from 1 on that page.

The steps

  1. Use a text editor to open the HTML source of the file you want to add the access counter CGI script to. Type the access counter script at the place you want it to appear on the Web page.
  2. Upload the HTML file to the homepage server.
  3. Open the uploaded HTML file in a Web browser to check the access counter is functioning properly.


  • Please enter the access counter tag corresponding to the homepage service used.
  • Please enter the access counter tag accurately.

*3 Should the access counter not display properly, copy the appropriate access counter tag above and paste it between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags of your HTML file.

Access Counter tag as seen in HTML

The above is an example of how the access counter CGI tag would appear in HTML. The example shown is for the FreeAddress CGI tag.

Access Counter tag as seen in a Web browser

The above is an example of how an access counter appears in a Web browser after it has been placed into the HTML of your homepage.