Important points about the User CGI : Asahi Net : Internet Software Guide

Please read this before using the service

Asahi Net does not offer support for either CGI that you have created or free CGI that you acquired. Your understanding is appreciated.
Please refer to "readme" files supplied with the CGI script or visit Web sites related to CGI creation for assistance with troubleshooting CGI problems.

Establishing your CGI

These are the steps to creating your CGI script.

  1. Create your Perl CGI script using a text editor or application, then save it to your computer's hard disk.
  2. Upload the saved CGI script or HTML file to the User CGI server.
  3. Use your Web browser to confirm the operation of your CGI script.

The User CGI server

This User CGI service is offered as a testing service. When actually running the script outside of testing mode, you may find difference in the script's performance.

WWW Server Software Apache 1.3.xx
Server Limits Available server space Up to 10MB
Individual file size Up to 2MB
Number of files Up to 1,000
CGI Process Limits CPU time limit (real) 20 seconds
Sub-processes 32
Memory 8MB
Perl Version 5.005_03
Perl path *1 /usr/local/bin/perl
Library Only standard set
sendmail Not supported
Internet Access From CGI Scripts Sending mail CPAN libnet (standard)
Using Net::SMTP is convenient.
Mail server is
Other access Not supported
Telnet Not supported
shell Not supported
MIME (.htaccess) Not supported
SSI (Server Side Includes) Not supported
  • The directory where CGI is placed (e.g. /cgi-bin/mycgi/test.cgiは/cgi-bin/mycgi) will become the current directory.
  • If placing a common directory in /cgi-bin, it is possible to use code like require ''; to access the library code.

(*1) Place #!/usr/local/bin/perl in front of the CGI script.

FTP upload server initial directory

Directory name description of forwarding file
/cgi-bin Directory for uploading Perl scripts *2
/data Directory for data used by Perl scripts
/htdocs Directory for HTML files and images
/logs Directory for access log and error log *3
/etc Used by the server side system.

(*2) Perl scripts will only function in the /cgi-bin directory.
(*3) Access log data is saved each day and stored for up to 1 week. If you experience a CGI error, please refer to the log. Please note that Asahi Net is not able to provide other information about problems with your CGI script.

Points about creating CGI files

File names and directory names must only consist of English numbers and letters, dots (.), hyphens (-) or underbars (_).

Points about naming files and directories

  • Our server can differentiate between upper-case and lower-case characters. For example, abc.html and ABC.HTML are seen as different files.
  • File names or directory names containing Japanese characters or spaces will not be recognized.