User CGI : Asahi Net : Internet Software Guide

Who This Page Is For

Users of the Virtual Domain Web Hosting service and MMJP Web Hosting service who have applied for the User CGI service and received their User CGI FTP ID and Password.

1. Important points

We have prepared a list of the key User CGI server settings and points you should take care with when creating your CGI files. Please read this information before you attempt to create your files as it may save you some time.

2. FTP

Basic settings

FTP Server As notified by Asahi Net. E.g.
FTP User Name FTP ID (*1) E.g. F1234AB567C
FTP Password The password for the FTP ID.

(*1) The FTP ID issued to you after your application for the User CGI service. This is a dedicated FTP ID for the User CGI service; it is not the same FTP ID as for uploading to your Virtual Domain Web Space, to the SSL server, etc.

Default Directories Perl Script /cgi-bin
Data used by the CGI script /data
HTML and image files /htdocs

Upload to these directories is possible with FTP software such as FFFTP, Fetch, CuteFTP, etc. Please configure your FTP software with the settings above.

Important Points About FTP

  • Always do your FTP in PASV mode.
  • The CGI permission is 0755. The permission for HTML files, etc. is 0644.
    It is not possible to change the properties of the default directories.
    Only the properties of files within cgi-bin can be changed.



3. Homepage Publication

Source URL Perl Script https://ASAHI Host Server Name/cgi-bin/Perl Script Name
HTML Files, Image Files https://ASAHI Host Server Name/HTML File Name/Image File Name

CGI Functions For Your Use

The following CGI function can be used free of charge.

Access Error Log (Japanese)
This function extracts access statistics from the WWW server log.
The information is in a compressed file and can be downloaded by FTP. It needs to be unpacked and then editted with a text editor.