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In brief

Settings for the MMJP Web Hosting service, including FTP settings, CGI scripts, etc.

Important notes about making your homepage

We have some notes about how your homepage files need to be constructed. Please read these notes before you start to make your homepage.

FTP settings

Basic Settings

Before you use FTP software or Web creation software to upload your homepage you will need to make several settings in that software so that your homepage is loaded to its correct location on our servers. The settings are listed below.

FTP Server
FTP User Name Asahi Net User ID
FTP Password The password for the FTP ID

Using FTP software

Please refer to our Internet Software Guide. Please note that specific settings in the software guide refer to the Individual homepage service - you will need to replace them with the server name, user name and password listed above.

Viewing your homepage

Homepage address choice of name/

Using CGI

Several CGI scripts have been prepared for free use by users of Asahi Net's MMJP Web Hosting service, including access counter, form decode and user authentication. Detailed information about the configuration and use of these and other CGI scripts is only available in Japanese at this time.

For more information about these CGI scripts, please see our Japanese site.

MIME Type List

A list of the type of files that can be uploaded to Asahi Net's homepage server.

How to check homepage space usage

How homepage space usage is calculated

In order for your homepage to function properly, each file is assigned 4 Kilobytes of space to be used for indexing, directories, etc. Therefore, the amount of space used to host your homepage is in fact larger than the combined size of all your files.

Note: 1 Megabyte is equal to 1,024 Kilobytes.

From the 1st to the 15th of every month, Asahi Net measures the amount of disk space used, and charges accordingly for excess homepage space usage. If your homepage usage exceeds the amount of homepage space allocated to the Plan you are using, excess usage charges will be made at a rate of 189 yen (180 yen base) per 5MB unit of excess. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail of the amount of excess homepage space usage and the amount to be charged.

How to check the amount of space being used

Confirm the current amount of homepage space usage via the following page.
>>Homepage space usage

  • Your FTP ID and its password are required.