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Important notes about making your homepage

In brief

If you are using our Individual homepage service, Virtual Domain Web Hosting Service, or MMJP service, please read these notes.

Before continuing

Asahi Net does not offer technical support in troubleshooting HTML or JavaScript. Your understanding is appreciated.
If you are having problems with HTML tags, etc. - please refer to other Web sites for assistance.

The basic steps to making a homepage

The following steps are required in order to have a homepage visible on the World Wide Web.

  1. Make your pages with homepage creation software or by simplying typing HTML tags into a text editor. If you are wanting images on your homepage, you'll also need to make them using the homepage creation software or some other graphics software.
    Any HTML files you make will need to have the file extension .html or .htm, for example index.html or index.htm.
  2. Upload your HTML files and images to your Asahi Net homepage space using FTP software or your homepage creation software (if it has FTP functionality).
    Using The Individual Homepage Service?
    Have you written your Asahi Net profile? If not, you won't be able to upload your pages. See below for details.
  3. Open your Web browser and view your homepage.

Problems with creating / uploading / viewing your homepage

Use these suggestions for naming your HTML and graphics files.


  • Japanese characters can't be used in file names.
  • Blank spaces can't be used in file names.
  • Use only English alphabet characters and numbers. Special characters like these !"#$%&'()= ~ |`{+*}<>?@[;:],/*+ can't be used. Periods (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_) can be used, but must not be the first letter of the filename.
  • The "top" page of your homepage should either be called index.html or index.htm.
  • Avoid mixing capital and lower-case letters. INDEX.HTML and index.html appear the same to the server. If you try to upload two different files with these names, the second one will erase (overwrite) the first one. We recommend that you always use lower-case letters.
  • Pay careful attention to file name extensions. [.gif, .jpg, .html, etc.].

Name your top page index.html or index.htm

If you're sure you uploaded your files but when you try to view them with your browser you get "Permission denied" or "File not found", it may be because you don't have a file called index.html or index.htm. This is your top page HTML file and its existence is required in order for your homepage to be visible when you enter your default homepage address or your FreeAddress in your browser.

Directory structure Homepage
Individual homepage homepage
 - index.html Net ID/
FreeAddress freeaddr/
 - word1
  - word2
   - index.html
Virtual Domain Web Hosting htdocs htdocs
 - index.html
MMJP Web Hosting htdocs htdocs
 - index.html name/
SSL server htdocs htdocs
 - index.html
(*1) name/

(*1) If you are using our Virtual Domain Web Hosting Service
(*2) If you are using our MMJP Web Hosting Service