Fetch - Homepage Upload and Maintenance

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Fetch - Homepage Upload and Maintenance

>> Download Fetch by clicking here

This tutorial will explain the basics of how to configure Fetch to use it to upload your personal homepage on to Asahi Net's homepage server.

1. Installing Fetch

Just click on the download link to visit the site of the maker of Fetch. Once the download has complete and the software has been unpacked and installed onto your Mac, open Fetch.

2. Configuring Fetch for Connection.

The first time you run Fetch, the New Connection... screen will pop up. Configure it in the following way:

Enter netftp.asahi-net.or.jp
User ID:
Enter your own Asahi Net User ID, ab3c-defg is just an example.
Enter your own Asahi Net password.
Enter homepage if going to use your default Homepage space
Enter freeaddr followed by the Freeaddress you have previously registered, if you want to upload files to your Freeaddress homepage space. For example, if your registered Freeaddress were Randy/Lemrix then you would enter freeaddr/Randy/Lemrix

Click OK. Your computer should connect to the Asahi Net homepage server and you will see a list of folders and files that are in your homepage space. Of course, if you have yet to upload any files to your homepage space you will see no files in your homepage space.

You can save yourself from having to enter the above information every time you want to upload files to your homepage directory by selecting Customize --> New Shorcut..., and filling out the following screen like this:

Doing this will mean that the next time you open Fetch you'll be able to select File --> Open Shortcut --> Asahi Net Homepage to open your homepage directory.

3. Configuring Fetch for Uploading

Select Customize --> Preferences..., then click on Upload. If you never plan to upload Japanese text, you can set Default text format to Text, but this could lead to problems if you plan to upload text other than English. The way to configure this screen to allow upload of Japanese (or other language) files is to set both defaults to Raw Data.

If you plan to download Japanese text with Fetch, turning off "Automatic" defaults to "Text" is a good idea.

4. Uploading, etc.

In order to move upload files from your Mac to a directory on our homepage server just click on the Put File button. A window will open allowing you to specify where the file on your Mac is that you want to upload. Highlight the file and click the Open button, and then the OK button. Your file should be uploaded to your homepage directory.

Should you have uploaded a file to your homepage that you don't want to be there, you can use Fetch to delete the file. First, highlight the file you want to delete, and then from the Remote menu select Delete directory or file.

Note: Make sure that the main file of your personal homepage is named either index.htm or index.html.