List of Asahi Net servers

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This is a list of servers for the various services offered through Asahi Net.

List of Asahi Net servers

Service Name Server Name Port No.# Listing Conditions
DNS addresses Set to Automatic

If designation of addresses is essential, please use:
Incoming mail server (POP3) 110 No POP over SSL/TLS authentication POP/APOP authentication method
995 POP over SSL/TLS authentication
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) 25 No SMTP over SSL/TLS authentication SMTP
authentication (recommended) (*1)
465 SMTP over SSL/TLS authentication
587 If using this submission port click here. 25 For the Virus Check service SMTP
authentication (required)
FTP 21 For individual homepage service Virtual Domain Web Hosting/
MMJP Web Hosting/
SSL Homepage
Mailing list      
NTP server 123    
Asahi Net Home page 80    
Account Maintenance/
WebMail 443 For SSL (recommended) 80 Non SSL


(*1) SMTP authentication is necessary when connected to an overseas Asahi Net dial-up access point or another provider's network.