How to Check the DNS Server on Windows 8

Before setting up

This page gives you information on how to check the Ethernet DNS server of the client (your PC) in Windows 8.
If you are connecting to the internet through a device such as ADSL modem (router) or broadband router, please set to Automatic for DNS server on your router and PC.

Check in Ethernet Status

  1. STEP1

    Windows desktop

    Bring the cursor to the upper-right corner (or lower-right corner) of the Windows desktop to show the Windows 8 toolbar, also known as "Charm Bar" and select Settings.

    • *You can also press the Windows Key-C, or swipe from the right end of the screen if you are using touchscreen.
    • Windowsデスクトップ

    • 設定

  2. STEP2

    Charm bar

    Select Control Panel.


  3. STEP3

    Network and Internet

    Select Network and Internet.


    Select Network and Sharing Center.


  4. STEP4

    Network and Sharing Center

    Select Change adapter settings.

    Ethernet and the name of the LAN card (Ethernet adapter) will be shown. Make a double click on it.


    • *If you want to check your wireless LAN settings, select Wi-Fi.


  5. STEP5

    Ethernet Status

    Click Properties of in the window shown.


    Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).*Do not remove the check mark.
    Click Properties.


    In the General tab, Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically should be selected.


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