How to Complete Windows 10 Dial-up Connection Settings New Settings

Before making the configuration, ensure that...

1. Your Asahi Net Course/Plan supports connection to the access point.

Be aware that the Plan you are using incorporates a base total number of dial-up hours per month; connections in excess of the base total will be charged at an excess usage rate - please refer to our Web pages for details or contact Asahi Net before making a dial-up connection.

2. You are prepared for connection.

You will need a dial-up device to make a dial-up connection. Typically this will be an internal analog modem or an external analog modem which you have connected to your computer. You will then connect your phone line to the modem and use the following configuration guide to configure your computer to make the connection.

New Settings

Start Menu

Click the Start > Settings

Click the Start button (in this case, bottom left-hand side) and select Settings.

Windows Settings

Windows Settings > Network & Internet

Click Network & Internet.


Network & Internet > Dial-up > Set up a new connection

Select Dial-up and click Set up a new connection.

Choose a connection option

Set up a Connection or Network > Connect to the Internet

Select Connect to the Internet and click Next.

How do you want to connect?

How do you want to connect? > Dial-up

Select Dial-up.

Type the information from your Internet service provider (ISP)

Type the information from your Internet service provider (ISP) > Click Connect after entering the values

Dial-up phone number 0088-33-0011
User name Asahi Net
Password Asahi Net password corresponding to the ID
(Use lowercase characters)
Connection name Any name (E.g., Dial-up connection)

Click Connect after entering the values.


Connect to the Internet

When a message Connecting to Dial-up Connection... appears, click Skip.


Connect to the Internet > The connection is ready for use

When a message The connection is ready for use appears, click Close.


Settings > Dial-up > Dial-up Connection

Click Connect for the newly set connection (Dial-up Connection, etc.)

Dial-up Connection Properties

Connect Dial-up Connection > Properties

When Connection window appears, click Properties.

Properties - General

Dial-up Connection Properties > General

Put a check mark in Use dialing rules and click Dialing Rules.

Phone and Modem

Phone and Modem > Dialing Rules

Click Edit.

Edit Location

Edit Location > General

Area code Enter the local area code of the place you live.
Dial using Select Tone or Pulse in accordance with the phone line you are using.

When settings are completed, click OK.

Properties - Options

Dial-up Connection Properties > Options

Set options at your preference (the default is recommended), and then click PPP Settings...

PPP Settings

PPP Settings

Remove all check marks and click OK.

Properties - OK

Dial-up Connection Properties > Options

After returning to the Properties window, click OK.

Connection Test

Connect Dial-up Connection

Perform a connection test if there is no problem with the connection.
Click Dial.

Connecting to Dial-up Connection...

Connection starts when the above message appears.

Settings > Dial-up

When connection is established, Connected appears.
Click Disconnect to end the connection test.