How to Complete macOS v10.15 Dial-up Connection Settings New Settings

Before Making Settings

Connect mac and analog modem to complete necessary wiring.

New Settings

System Preferences Settings

Apple menu > System Preferences

Dock > System Preferences

Select System Preferences from Apple menu. (Or click System Preferences in Dock.)


System Preferences > Network

Click Network in System Preferences.

Select modem

Network > Select modem

Select the modem you are using from the modem list.


Network > Select modem > Click Advanced… after entering the values

Telephone Number 0088-33-0011
Account Name Asahi Net
Password Asahi Net password corresponding to the ID
(Use lowercase characters)
Connection Name Any name (E.g., Dial-up connection)
Show modem status in menu bar Put a check mark

Click Advanced… after entering the values.


Network > Advanced... > Modem

Click Modem.
For Dialing, select Tone or Pulse in accordance with the analog phone line you are using. For ISDN, select Tone.


Network > Advanced... > DNS

Click DNS.
Leave the field for DNS Servers and Search Domains blank.


Network > Advanced... > WINS

Click WINS.
Use default name for NetBOS Name and Workgroup. Also, leave the field for WINS Servers blank.


Network > Advanced... > Proxies

Click Proxies.

Select a protocol to configure Remove all check marks
Exclude simple hostnames Remove the check mark
Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains Leave the field blank
Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV) Put a check mark


Network > Advanced... > PPP

Click PPP.
Use default settings for each check box.
After checking the settings, click OK.


Network > Select modem > Apply

After returning to the Network window, click Apply.

Connection Test

Network > Select modem > Connect

Perform a connection test if there is no problem with the connection.
Click Connect.

Network > Select modem > 
Check if the status is connected > Disconnect

When connection is established, the Status becomes Connected.
Click Disconnect to end the connection test.