CuteFTP Tutorial

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CuteFTP Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to download and setup CuteFTP, and then how to use it to upload your personal homepage on to Asahi Net's server.

>> Download CuteFTP

1. Installing Cute FTP

Just click on the download link to start the download procedure.

After the download has completed, open the downloaded file to begin the installation of CuteFTP on your computer. After the installation has completed you will be ready to begin setting up CuteFTP so that it will upload your homepage files to your Asahi Net homepage space.

2. Setting up your FTP site

Double-click the CuteFTP icon on your desktop. The FTP Site Manager window will appear.

Cute FTP Tutorial2

Click on the Add site button. You are now going to set up CuteFTP so that when you use it to connect to our homepage server it will open at your homepage directory.

Cute FTP Tutorial2-2

Site Label:
Enter Asahi Net

Host Address:

User ID:
Enter your Asahi Net user ID.

Enter your Asahi Net password.

Host Type:
Leave as Auto-Detect

Initial Remote Directory:
Enter homepage if going to use your default Homepage space
Enter freeaddr followed by the Freeaddress you have previously registered, if you want to upload file to your Freeaddress homepage space. For example, if your registered Freeaddress were cracking/cheese then you would enter freeaddr/cracking/cheese
Initial Local Directory:
Click on the browse button ... to the right of the Initial Local Directory: box to browse your hard disk drive for the folder which contains the file(s) you want to upload to your homepage space.

Click OK. You will then return to the FTP Site Manager, which should now look like this:

Cute FTP Tutorial2-3

3. Connecting to Asahi Net

To connect to Asahi Net with CuteFTP, highlight Asahi Net and then click on the Connect button.

On successful connection, a window will open as follows.

Cute FTP Tutorial3

The left hand side of the window is a reflection of your current "Local" directory, i.e. the one on your computer. The right hand side of the window shows you what files you have in your "Remote" directory, i.e. the one on our homepage server and therefore visible on the "Web".

Should you need to change either directory, click in the box that contains the directory name, and then select the directory you require.

4. Uploading

In order to move files from your "Local" directory to the "Remote" directory on our homepage server (called uploading), just use your mouse to select files from the left hand side, and drag them to the right hand side. When it asks you to confirm the upload, say yes. If the upload goes well, you will see your file(s) appear on the right hand side of the screen. That's it!

Note: Make sure that the main file of your personal homepage is named either index.htm or index.html.

5. Miscellaneous functions

You can delete or rename files on the server. Use your mouse to select a file or files on the server, and press the right-hand mouse button for a list of possible functions. Choose delete or rename accordingly.