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NTT West: Hikari Flet's Connection: CTU Configuratioin

CTU configuration

I. Before making the configuration, ensure that...

1. You have entered into a FLET'S Hikari Premium Mansion or FLET'S Hikari Premium Family service contract with NTT West and have received a line termination device (CTU) from NTT West and NTT West's Customer ID and Access Password.

2. You are using the correct Asahi Net Course.

3. You are prepared for connection.
On the day NTT West open their service, connect up all equipment provided as instructed in the documentation you receive from NTT West.

4. You have made these settings in your Web browser.
* Enable the JavaScript setting
* Disable the Proxy server setting
>> How to remove the proxy server settings - Windows
>> How to remove the proxy server settings - Mac

II. Configuration.

Step 1: Open the setup page

Open a Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape, for example).

Enter in the address box of the Web browser, then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Open the setup page


Step 2: CTU login

Find the paperwork from NTT West listing your NTT customer ID and access password.

In the login window that appears, agree to agreement by clicking the Doi Suru (Agree) radio button.

Enter your NTT customer ID in the Okyakusama ID (Customer ID) box: (a).

Enter your NTT access password in the Akusesu Pasuwaado (Access Password) box: (b).

Click the Loguin (Login) button.



Step 3: Select the easy setting

The CTU Settei TOP (Top CTU Settings) page will appear.

Click the Kantan settei (Easy Settings) button.


Step 4: Enter settings

The CTU Settei (CTU Settings) page will appear.

In the Setsuzoku saki settei (Connection settings) screen, enter the following settings:

(a) Setsuzoku saki mei (Name of connection) :
Enter a name. We suggest ASAHINet.
(b) Setsuzoku uuzaa mei (Connection user name)* :
Enter your Asahi Net User (eg.
(c) Setsuzoku pasuwaado (Connection password)* :
Enter your Asahi Net password.
* Please enter your Asahi Net User Name and password in lower case characters.

Click the OK button.


Step 5: Apply the settings

The following screen will appear. Click the Settei Hanei (Apply Settings) button to register the settings in the CTU.


Step 6: Confirm the change of settings

The following screen will appear. Click the OK button.


Step 7: Completion of settings

The following screen will appear. Click the Modoru (Return) button


Step 8: Connect

The following screen will appear. Click the Setsuzoku (Connect) button on the ASAHINet line to the start the connection.


Step 9: Log out

The following screen will appear showing the connection status as Setsuzokuchu (Connected).

Click the Loguauto (Log out) button.

Log out page


Step 10: Confirmation

Close your Web browser.
Now open your Web browser. You should be able to open Web pages.