FLETS Hikari Premium / FTTH with FLET'S

Who This Page Is For

This page is for users of a NTT West FLET'S Hikari Premium line either with a FLET'S Hikari Premium Course or with a Hikari with FLET'S Course. If your line is B FLET'S or FLET'S Hikari Next please visit this Configuration Guide page.

Before Making Your Settings

Please make sure you have registered for our Expanded Services before attempting to connect.


User Name*1. Asahi Net User ID@atson.net
E.g. ab3c-defg@atson.net
If connecting with the Fixed IP Address Option
f.Asahi Net User ID@atson.net
E.g. f.ab3c-defg@atson.net
Password*1. The password for the User ID
DNS (Name)
Server Addresses
Set to Automatic

If designation of addresses is essential, please use:

*1.Enter the User Name and Password in lower case characters.

Network Configuration

Before configuring the CTU device supplied by NTT West, make these network settings in your computer.

Connect Using NTT West's CTU Device


With NTT West's FLET'S Hikari Premium service, NTT West provide a line termination device called a CTU, as well as Japanese-language connection software. You need to access the CTU with your NTT Customer ID and NTT Access Password, and then place your Asahi Net User Name and Password into the CTU settings to establish an Internet connection.

Depending on the firmware of the CTU device the setup screens will be quite different - please refer to the pages linked below for the configuration that suits the CTU you use.

CTU configuration - earlier firmware

CTU configuration - later firmware

NTT West Essential Equipment page (Japanese)

Special Notes For English Speakers

A list of points that should be considered by English speakers and/or people using computers with English-only operating systems.
  • NTT only provides Japanese-language software for this service. This software may not function on an English-language operating system.
  • There is no English-language documentation provided by NTT for this service.
  • All communication from NTT regarding your application for this service will be in Japanese.