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POP before SMTP

What is POP before SMTP?

POP before SMTP is where authentication takes place when you get (receive) email, allowing you to then send your email. After the authentication, there is a 10 minute period in which sending of email is possible.
If you are making an Internet connection with another provider and are using email software that does not support SMTP authentication, you can use POP before SMTP to send your email through Asahi Net's mail servers.

1. You do need to change the mail server settings of your email software. For details, see below.
2. Our POP before SMTP servers do not support SSL/TLS.

Mail servers



  1. Compose the email you want to send.
  2. Get (receive) your email.
  3. Send your email (within 10 minutes of receiving).
  4. Email is sent.

Some email software, like Outlook Express for Windows, will automatically try to send a composed email first, before receiving, and this will cause a Sending error. In this case, close the error window, and try to receive and send again.