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IP-Phone-C : ADSL Tokai Course

In Brief

This page is for users of our ADSL Tokai Course who want to configure their VoIP equipment for the IP-Phone-C service.


  • Please have available the documentation you received with your connection equipment.
  • To use the IP-Phone-C service your computer must be able to connect to the Internet.


Internet connection settings

User name Asahi Net ID@atson.net
(e.g. ab3c-def@atson.net)
Password The Asahi Net password for the User ID
Authentication PAP
DNS (Name)
Server Addresses
Set to Automatic

If designation of addresses is essential, please use:

IP-Phone-C settings

IP-Phone-C server VoIP server name
(E.g. voip01.nc.asahi-net.or.jp)
IP-Phone-C service domain asahi-net.or.jp
IP-Phone-C User ID VoIP User ID
(E.g. A0SA1HI2)
IP-Phone-C Password Password for the VoIP User ID
IP-Phone-C Telephone Number Number starting 050
(E.g. 050XXXXXXXX)
Area code Area code for your telephone line
(E.g. 03)

Confirm your registered IP-Phone-C data

Using a VoIP-capable ADSL modem

To use the IP-Phone-C service, the ADSL modem needs to be configured with the above settings.

ADSL modem

(*1) For a Type 2 line, a splitter will not be used.