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Form Decode

Form Decode

About this page

This page shows how to use the Form Decode CGI service.

  • The Form Decode script is subject to change without notification. Should you notice problems with the Form Decode, please check this page to see if there have been any changes.
  • The Form Decode script may be subject to short term or permanent removal.
  • If you have any questions about this or any other CGI script, please contact Asahi Net.

What is Form Decode?

The Form Decode CGI script can be used for the collection of questionnaires and comments from visitors to your Asahi Net homepage. The input data is sent to you by email.

A simple HTML form is one way to get feedback from people who visit your home page. With forms, you can provide a space to enter information, or an opinion. You can also provide multiple choice questions in the form of pulldown menus, radio buttons, etc.

However, if you use the mailto: tag in a form to send the information to your mailbox, you will get a string of unformatted text that is very difficult to read. Furthurmore, Japanese characters will show up as unreadable ascii text.

That's where Form Decode comes in. Instead of the mailto: command, set the Form Decode tag on to the page that you want your form, and have it forward responses to the form to you via email.

How to use

The Basics

Introduction to Form Decode.

Advanced use and templates

Form Decode samples