Web Mail

About Web Mail

Web Mail allows Asahi Net users to check their Asahi Net mailbox and write and send email, all from within their Web browser. Asahi Net sends important news and announcements by email to member's Asahi Net mailboxes - so Web Mail is an easy way to read that information.

Web Mail is also useful for checking your email when you are away from the computer you usually use, for example when in the office, travelling on business or for pleasure, etc.

And Web Mail can help you delete email from your Asahi Net mailbox that you are having problems downloading with your email software, for example those pesky photographs from Aunt Gloria of her and her poodle on their recent trip to Hawaii.


  • Web Mail does not work when proxy server settings are present in the Web browser.
  • Web Mail access should be possible from any Internet-connected computer (from within a company LAN, connected to another provider) as long as SSL port 443 is enabled on that network. For information about settings, please consult with your network administrator.

Using Web Mail Is Easy

Please click the links below for how to login to Web Mail.