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AIR-EDGE (formerly AirH')

Who This Page Is For

Users of the AIR-EDGE service. Please take care with making your settings.


User Name Asahi Net User
Password The password for the User ID
Telephone number and connection method corresponding to your contracted service from Willcom.
DNS (Name)
Server Addresses
Set to Automatic

If designation of addresses is essential, please use:
Note:Enter the User Name and Password in lower case characters.

Connecting with an AIR-EDGE device

Before making a connection configuration you will need to install the drivers that came with your AIR-EDGE device. Please follow the instructions that came with your AIR-EDGE device. If you have difficulties installin the driver please contact WILLCOM or the place where you got the device.

You will then make a dial-up configuration in your computer using the drivers that you installed for your AIR-EDGE device, supplying the appropriate access point telephone number for the AIR-EDGE service you are contracted to use.

AIR-EDGE dedicated access points

WILLCOM (formerly DDI Pocket) course Service type Telephone number
Net 25
Flex Change format
4x packet format (*1)
Tsunagi hodai Course 1x
1x packet format (*2)
2x packet format (*3)
Tsunagi hodai Course 4x
4x packet format (*1)
Pake Komi Net
1x packet format (*2)
4x packet format (*1)
Net 25 (Pro)
Tsunagi hodai (Pro)
Pake Komi Net (Pro)
8x packet format (*4)
(*1) 4x packet format offers speeds of up to 128kbps.
(*2) 1x packet format offers speeds of up to 32kbps.
(*3) 2x packet format offers speeds of up to 64kbps. Please confirm how to do this via WILLCOM's homepage.
(*4) 8x packet format offers communication through 8 channels. Speeds of up to 256Kbps are offered.

Important notes about using AIR-EDGE

When using an AIR-EDGE compatible device it is still possible to make a connection to WILLCOM's PIAFS access points made available for their PHS users. However if you mistakenly do so, you risk being billed exceptionally high communication charges by WILLCOM. In other words, when using an AIR-EDGE device, make sure that your computers settings allow for connections ONLY to the AIR-EDGE service.

Members may view their connection history via our Account Maintenance (BBB) page. Please check that you are making AIR-EDGE connections. The connection history displayed is updated approximately once an hour.
>> Connection history (Access with your Asahi Net User ID and Password)


WILLCOM's charges for their AIR-EDGE service are independent of Asahi Net's charges, so you will need to pay both charges.

For more information, see WILLCOM's Web page:
>> WILLCOM's Web page