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IP-Phone-C : ADSL ACCA Course

In Brief

This page is for users of our ADSL ACCA Course who want to configure their VoIP equipment for the IP-Phone-C service.


  • Please have available the documentation you received with your connection equipment.
  • To use the IP-Phone-C service your computer must be able to connect to the Internet.
  • USB ADSL modems cannot be used with the IP-Phone-C service.


Internet connection settings

User name Asahi Net
Password The Asahi Net password for the User ID
Authentication PAP
DNS (Name)
Server Addresses
Set to Automatic

If designation of addresses is essential, please use:

IP-Phone-C settings

IP-Phone-C server VoIP server name
IP-Phone-C service domain
IP-Phone-C User ID VoIP User ID
(E.g. A0SA1HI2)
IP-Phone-C Password Password for the VoIP User ID
IP-Phone-C Telephone Number Number starting 050
(E.g. 050XXXXXXXX)
Area code Area code for your telephone line
(E.g. 03)

Confirm your registered IP-Phone-C data

Using a VoIP-capable ADSL modem

To use the IP-Phone-C service, the ADSL modem needs to be configured with the above settings.

ADSL modem

(*1) For a Type 2 line, a splitter will not be used.