Asahi Net : Setting : IP-Phone-C

In Brief

Guides to the setup and use of of VoIP equipment for the IP-Phone-C service.

IP-Phone-C Settings

IP-Phone-C settings VoIP Server Name
IP-Phone-C service domain
IP-Phone-C User ID VoIP User ID
(E.g. A0SA1HI2)
IP-Phone-C Password Password for the VoIP User ID
IP-Phone-C Telephone Number Number starting 050
(E.g. 050XXXXXXXX)
Area code The telephone area code for your phone line
(E.g. 03)

Confirm your registered IP-Phone-C data using the following link.

Configure for IP-Phone-C

Using the above settings and the data you accessed via the confirmation page you will be able to configure your VoIP equipment for the IP-Phone-C service.

Network Configuration

Before configuring the VoIP equipment, make these network settings in your computer.

How To Use The Service

How to make and take calls using the IP-Phone-C service.