Email Services

Who This Page Is For

Users of Asahi Net's Email services. Please take care with making your settings.

Web Mail

Web Mail allows the user to check their Asahi Net mailbox and write and send email, all from within their Web browser. This service is available regardless of whether the user is connected to an Asahi Net Internet service or not.

Email Software

Email software, such as is commonly pre-installed in a computer's operating system, can be used to retrieve email from the user's Asahi Net mailbox, write and send email.

Neo-SpamBlock Service

Users of the Neo-SpamBlock service are able to filter out spam email before it reaches their Asahi Net mailbox. Mail sent to Asahi Net email addresses affixed to the mailbox are checked, and mail judged to be spam is sent to the Unsolicited Email Folder.

Submission Port

Asahi Net members whose Internet connection is being provided by another Internet provider that is engaged in Outbound Port 25 Blocking may have difficulty sending their Asahi Net email. In such cases, the problem may be resolved by changing their email software's settings to use the outgoing mail submission port.