Neo-Discount ADSL 12M and ADSL 50M Courses

ADSL eAccess Course / Discount ADSL eAccess 12M / Lite ADSL eAccess Course

Who This Page Is For

Users of ADSL Courses provided on eAccess' ADSL lines. Please take care with making your settings.


User Name ADSL ID (*1)
Password NO password required
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(*1) Even if you change your speed of ADSL eAccess service, e.g. from 1M to 50M, the ADSL ID stays the same.

Network Configuration

Before configuring the ADSL modem supplied by eAccess, make these network settings in your computer.

Settings For The ADSL Modem

These Asahi Net Web pages explain the basic settings in English (unless otherwise stated) however more detail is available in the Japanese documenation provided with the ADSL modem.

ADSL Modem Settings

ADSL Modem + Wireless LAN Settings

More Information

eAccess have more information about the router-type ADSL modems they supply on their Japanese-language Web site.