Mac OSX Network Configuration : Asahi Net : Internet Software Guide

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Mac OSX Network Configuration

I. Configuration

1. From the Apple menu (top left of screen) choose System Preferences.

Apple -> System Preferences

2. Find and double-click on the Network icon in the Internet & Network section.

System Preferences -> Network

3. Click the arrow on the Location box and choose New Location.
Enter a name for this connection (eg, DHCP), then click the OK button.

4. Click the arrow on the Show box and choose Built-in Ethernet.

5. Click on the TCP/IP tab.

6. Click the arrow on the Configure IPv4: box and choose Using DHCP. Leave all the other boxes blank.


7. Click on the Proxies tab.

8. Check Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV) at the bottom, but make sure all the other boxes are unchecked and empty.


9. Click the Apply Now button, then close the window. You are now ready to configure your router.

II. Confirmation

1. After your router has connected to the Internet, the TCP/IP tab of the Network window will display the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Router address.