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Windows 2000 Network Configuration

I. Configuration

1. Open the Start menu. Go to Settings and then open Network and Dial-up Connections.

Opening your Network Connections

You can also find Network and Dial-up Connections in your Control Panel.

2. In the Network and Dial-up Connections window, find the Local Area Connection icon.

3. Right-click on your Local Area Connection and choose Properties.


4. In the window that appears the General tab should be open. Confirm that your LAN card is listed in the Connect using box.

5. In the Components checked are used by this connection: box, make sure the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) option is highlighted and its box is checked.

6. Click the Properties button.


7. Obtain an IP address automatically should be checked.

8. Obtain DNS server address automatically should be checked.

9. Click OK.

TCP/IP Properties

10. Click OK again. You are now ready to configure your router.