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Windows 95/98 Network Configuration

I. Configuration

1. Go to the Start menu, select Settings and then open the Control Panel. Open the Network control panel.

2. The Network window will appear. Click on the Configurations tab, highlight TCP/IP -> your LAN Card and then click on the Properties button.

If your computer has a LAN card installed but it is not listed in the The following network components are installed: box, you may need to contact the maker of the LAN card for assistance.

3. In the TCP/IP Properties window, click on the IP Address tab and make sure the Obtain an IP address automatically radio button is checked.

TCP/IP Properties

4. Click on the Gateway tab. Make sure everything is blank. If something has been entered here, please click the Delete button to remove it.

5. Click on the DNS Settings tab. Make sure the Do not use DNS radio button is checked.

6. Click the OK button.

7. If you have changed the network settings you will be asked to restart Windows before your changes will take effect. Even if you are not asked to restart your computer, please do so.

8. After your computer restarts you will be ready to configure your router.