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What this form is for

Use this form to ask Asahi Net to check for availability of Asahi Net Internet services for the location you want to use the Internet. We will notify you of the result by phone or email (your choice). We don't charge for this service.

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Please click here for our Call Me! form and supply your name and phone number.

How to use this form

Please complete as much of the form as you can, and in as much detail as possible. The more information you supply, the better chance we have of being able to check availability for you. After supplying your data, press the Send button.


* Items marked * are essential. Please complete them.

* Personal information you supply here such as your name, telephone number, postal address, email address and your comments will be kept on record so that we can handle your inquiry. We will also use the information to enable us to promptly deal with further inquiries you may have about the availability result we send you.

* Your personal information is handled in accordance with our Asahi Net Personal Information Protection Policy.

The form

1. Your name

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2. Landline telephone number

Entry of a landline telephone number is not essential.

To help us check availability of fiber-optic and ADSL services, if you have an active NTT landline telephone number at the location you want Internet service, please enter it in the Landline telephone number field. If you do not have an active NTT landline telephone number, please instead supply your postal address in section 3.

Landline telephone number

3. Postal address

To do a full availability check we need to know the full postal address of the place you want to use the Internet. If you did not supply a phone number in section 2 we need your full postal address to be able to do our own search for a phone number in your vicinity so that we can check availability.

Post code -
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Street address *
Enter the entire remainder of your address here.
Please include the name of the building you live in; you don't need to supply your apartment number.

4. Internet services you want an availability check for

Please choose one or more of the services below.


5. Contact telephone number

Please enter your contact phone number. This is essential to apply for our services. Also, it has to be valid Japanese landline phone number or mobile phone number.If you do not have your own contact phone number, please contact us by the inquiry form or phone.If you want us to call you with the result of our availability check, please supply the day/time you would like our call. We can't guarantee that we will be able to make the call at the time you request, but we will do our best to do so. If you don't want a call, please leave this section blank - we will send you the result by email.

Telephone number *
It has to be valid Japanese landline or mobile phone number.
Day call required
English customer is available Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays and Asahi Net holidays.
Time call required
English customer support hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm (Japan time).

6. Email address

Please supply your email address.

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7. Any comments or requirements you may have

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About the handling of personal information
Asahi Net, Inc. handles our customer's personal information appropriately, as explained below. After confirming our policy, please give your consent.