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Account Confirmation

Please enter information here that you have already registered with Asahi Net so we may use it to confirm your Asahi Net account.

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New Postal Address

If the registered address you supplied above is no longer the postal address to which you want a new password sending, please supply your new postal address here.

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  • For Individual member User IDs we send the password by registered post or courier service. Please make sure your name is on your post box to assist in delivery of the letter containing the password.
  • For additional mailboxes we send the password to your Asahi Net email address.
  • After re-issuing the password, the former password becomes invalid.
  • When the input information does not match up with your account information, re-issuance of a password may be delayed.


Comparing input with registered information
  • We match the input you entered with the information you have registered with us.
  • Please understand that if the input you enter does not match with the information you registered with us, re-issuance of a password may be delayed.
  • If your the postal address you registered with Asahi Net is no longer valid, we can take your new postal address.
  • Please enter your complete new postal address.
  • The re-issued password will be sent to your new postal address if supplied here.
Password re-issuance
  • We issue new passwords on the same business day if a request is received before 2pm (except weekends and holidays ).
  • If a password re-issuance request is received after 2pm, it will be processed on the following business day.
A word of caution
  • After the present password has been terminated, it will become impossible to use all services where you need your Asahi Net User ID and password, such as your Asahi Net Internet connection, Asahi Net email etc. You will need to wait until you get the new password and enter it in your settings.
  • Please enter the new password into your connection configuration and your e-mail software, etc. when your new password arrives. For information how to do this see our Configuration Guide page.
About the handling of personal information
Asahi Net, Inc. handles our customer's personal information appropriately, as explained below. After confirming our policy, please give your consent.