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Individual Members

Account Status and Registered Information

MyPage (My Account)
An overview of your Asahi Net account (log in here with your Asahi Net User ID).

Account Status
Confirm Asahi Net charges, connection information, etc.

Change Registered Information
Change your password, credit card, postal address, etc.

Asahi Net Contract

Cancel your Asahi Net membership.

Change Course
Change your Asahi Net Course.

Optional Services

Connection Options / Donation Programs / IP-Phone Service
Fixed IP Address, Green Option, IP-Phone-C service, etc.

Email Services
Asahi Net email addresses, Additional Mailbox service, etc.

Homepage Services
Confirming homepage space usage, etc.

Virtual Domain Web Hosting Service
Virtual Domain registration, change FTP password, etc.

MMJP Web Hosting Service
MMJP application, change FTP password, etc.

Security Services
SpamBlock and Virus Check services.

Hikari TV for Asahi Net
Apply for the Hikari TV for Asahi Net service.

How To Use These Pages

Making Changes

Changes are possible in two ways, Web browser (on-line) and PDF (paper). Some changes are possible either way, some only offer one way. More explanation is provided below.

Web browser Web browser
>> How to make the change on-line
>> How to use PDF files

Asahi Net User IDs

Depending on the service(s) you are using, you may have one or more User IDs. There are different types of IDs. When you choose to make a change on-line, you will see an icon identifying the type of ID you can use to make the change, as listed below.

Asahi Net User IDs