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Asahi Net Login ID Types

Asahi Net provides several login IDs by types of service you may use. Following icons indicate four types of ID.

  • IUser ID(eg.: AB4T-ASH)
  • FFamily ID(eg.: AB4T-ASH)
  • MMail ID(eg.: M1234AB567C)
  • FTPFTP ID(eg.: F1234AB567C)

Please have your relevant ID ready when you login. There is no need to enter "".

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  • I

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Pay by Credit Card

  • On every month end, we bill your monthly charge to your registered credit card.
  • Billing date listed in your credit card statement should be the last day of the month used. (For example, if you see billing date of April 30th, it suggests the charges to your April usage.)
  • The payment date varies by credit card types. Please check with your credit card company for your payment date.
  • All Asahi Net charges service are billed to your registered credit card.