Moving Procedure for FTTH with FLET'S Courses

Even if you move home, it is possible to continue to use a FTTH with FLET'S Courses.

Important Notes

  • If you are using Hikari TV for Asahi Net, visit this page:
    >> Moving Procedure For Hikari TV for Asahi Net
  • If moving into a different FLET'S area (for example, different prefecture) or even within the same FLET'S area but are having a change to the type of NTT Fiber-optic line, you may find that the Fixed IP address changes.
  • It is possible to keep using the IP-Phone-C service after you move.
  • If using NTT's Hikari Denwa service please contact NTT about how to use their service at your new home.

The Moving Procedure In More Detail

Step 1. Check the Hikari with FLET'S Course is available for your new home

Contact Asahi Net and supply your new postal address so that we can check availability for you. We have an Availability Check form that you may use should you not be able to contact us by phone.

>> Availability Check

Is Hikari with FLET'S available for your new home?
If so, please continue to Step 2.

Is Hikari with FLET'S not available, or you have a CATV or other service already prepared at your new home?
If so, please refer to the following pages.
>> Need to change to a different Course
>> Internet service already installed at your new home

Step 2. Complete the Hikari with FLET'S Course moving procedure

The procedure to move a Hikari with FLET'S Course differs with each Course. Click the link below (1, 2, 3 or 4) that matches your situation to find out what procedure you need to follow.

>> Click here to check NTT East/West areas
(Link to Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Service’s page)

After clicking a link, move to Step 3 on the resulting page.

Contact Asahi Net

Please contact Asahi Net if you have questions that are not answered on our Web page.