Moving Procedures for Various FLET'S Courses

This page is for those using one of these Asahi Net FLET'S Courses: FLET'S ISDN, FLET'S ADSL, B FLET'S, FLET'S Hikari Next, FLET'S Hikari Premium, FLET'S Hikari Light Family.

1. Contact NTT to find out how to get the FLET'S service in your new home since you are currently contracted with NTT for a FLET'S service.

2. Change the postal address you have registered with Asahi Net. Individual members may change their registered postal address on-line via Asahi Net's homepage. Business service users must use a paper form to change their registered postal address.

Important - Fixed IP address may change

If you are using an Asahi Net fixed IP address and you move to another location in the same prefecture, you may continue to use the same fixed IP address. If moving out of the prefecture you are currently using the fixed IP address, and/or you change to another Asahi Net Course, it is not possible to continue using the same fixed IP address. Your understanding is appreciated.


Individual Members

>> Change Registered Information (Accounts and Services)

Business Service Users

>> Change Registered Information