ADSL Tokai/Lite ADSL Tokai - Other Procedures

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Asahi Net User IDs

Depending on the service(s) you are using, you may have one or more User ID. There are different types of User ID. When you make a change to your Asahi Net account, you will see an icon identifying the type of User ID you can use to make the change, as listed below.

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Asahi Net User IDs

ADSL Tokai/Lite ADSL Tokai - Other Procedures

Cancellation and work required to improve the quality of the ADSL line.

Web browser PDF Necessary ID

ADSL Tokai/Lite ADSL Tokai Course
Cancellation of the ADSL Tokai service.
On-line none User IDAdministration IDAdministration ID

Change line protector
Change line protector at NTT side.
12,100 yen (base 11,000 yen) charge.
none PDF

Adjust line parameters
Basic line adjustment.
16,280 yen (base 14,800 yen) charge.
none PDF

Remove bridge taps
Remove bridge taps from the line.
10,890 yen (base 9,900 yen) each.
none PDF

Change line circuit
Change location of line circuit.
10,560 yen ( base 9,600 yen) charge.
none PDF

Important note about work to improve line quality

There is no quarantee that the work will improve the quality of ADSL service, and once work is carried out there will be no refund of charges should the work result in no improvement to service.

Cancellation of this ADSL service

Return of the rental ADSL modem

Customers who are renting the ADSL modem for this service *1 are required to return the modem in the following cases.

  • When cancelling the ADSL Tokai Course / Lite ADSL Tokai Course
  • When cancelling an ADSL application before the line has been opened.
You will be required to return the ADSL modem at your expense should you have already received it. Please return the ADSL modem as soon after the date your ADSL line is closed as possible. If you can't return the ADSL modem, you will be billed for the cost of the ADSL modem.

*1 If you have purchsed your ADSL modem, please do not return it.

Where to return the rental ADSL modem

Post code 436-8501
Address NEC Access Technica, Ltd.
c/o SL Manufacturing Department Rental Group
Shimomata 800, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken.
Telephone 0537-22-1144 *2

*2 These phone numbers do not accept calls about the ADSL service.