About The Administration ID

The Administration ID is an ID that can only be used to make changes to an Asahi Net Business Service account. The ID is issued by Asahi Net after the completion of our processing of a Business Service application, and is intended for the account administrator's use to make changes to the account. The Administration ID starts with an "A".

How To Use The Administration ID

On the Account Maintenance pages for Business Service users, you will notice this mark Administration ID listed against some of the options. This means that the Administration ID can be used to access the option. After selecting the option, enter your Administration ID and its password.

If you mistype the ID then a error message "Invalid URL" will show up on the screen.
You cannot send/receive email or connect to the Internet with the Administration ID.

>> Account Maintenance : Business Service Users

What To Do First

The first thing you must do when you receive your Administration ID is register an email address.

Without the email registration, you cannot apply for options with the ID. We will use the registered email address to notify the Administrator of changes to the account made with the Administration ID. So please first register an email address.

From 17th October 2002, Asahi Net's default email address is automatically set as the Administration ID. The email address can be changed on-line.

>> Change Administrator's Email Address

Password Re-issue

The password for the Administration ID can be re-issued when it is lost, etc. A paper application form is available to request the re-issue of the password.