Building Connections, Supporting Communication

Asahi Net started as a network service provider of personal computer communication,
which was widely popular in Japan in the 1990’s. With the development of
communication technology and faster and larger data transfer,
Asahi Net expanded to provide a variety of network services including
fiber-optic connections, mobile connections and low-cost SIM cards.

We are highly committed to maintain the quality of our
network that has already become an essential part of our
customers’ everyday life, which is almost unconsciously used.
However, we can only provide services that can be valued
by our customers for a long period of time by committing
to quality that does not depend on high cost.
We have been a pioneer in employing advanced network
technology while consistently accumulating know-how.
We have been aiming to do that while offering services to
our customers at a reasonable price.
Our progress over the past quarter-century,
building connections and supporting communication
is based on our effort to refine our services by finding
the right balance between up-to-date technology and price.

Through our services, we hope to enhance connection and communication among people.
Asahi Net has and will continue to build connections and support communication with integrity.

Supported by our people, our most valued asset

Starting from personal computer network service in 1990, Asahi Net has provided a number of services such as internet connection in 1994, ADSL connection in 2000, and connection through fiber-optics in 2001, along with the advance of technology.
Although the services we have offered have changed over time, our effort to acquire new technologies and to incorporate them into our services has not changed. Our consistent aim during these years has been to build a robust network that can be operated without ever experiencing an outage.
We have also always valued our customers. That is why we committed to an in-house customer service center, to listen to what our customers have to say and to upgrade our services accordingly.
Asahi Net’s priority lies not only on the quality of communication but also on the quality of customer support.

Quality means a lot, when offered at an acceptable price

Internet used to be a high-end, high-cost technology used only among a few technophiles. Then an internet service provider appeared that believed the internet should and could be offered at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. That was Asahi Net.
By accumulating know how in technology development and operation, and by avoiding excessive advertising investment we were able to reduce our prices.
Such efforts have gradually but definitely gained the support and approval of our customers, contributing to the growth and progress of Asahi Net.

Asahi Net - Ranked No. 1 for Customer Satisfaction

RBB TODAY Broadband Award 2021 | RBB TODAY Telework Award 2022

Asahi Net is committed to provide quality service at a reasonable price, which has led us in receiving high evaluations from our customers in surveys ran by external parties.
Starting from 2002, we have received a series of awards, and most recently, we have won the Best ISP Overall for RBB TODAY Broadband Award 2021 and RBB TODAY Telework Award 2022 .
Supported by the customers who have chosen Asahi Net, we will continue to be devoted in improving network quality, enhancing customer support, and providing services at a justifiable price.

Customers’ Voice

  • Customers voice1
    Asahi Net timely launches services that fit my needs.
    Their customer support is excellent, too.
  • Customers voice2
    I like that Asahi Net offers the same services for a long period without discontinuing them.
  • Customers voice3
    I have had no complaints ever since I started to use
    Asahi Net. I am satisfied with their network quality too.
  • Customers voice4
    I have been a satisfied Asahi Net user since 1995.
  • Customers voice5
    I have contacted the support desk a few times with technical inquiries, and was impressed with their technical knowledge and right advice. Hope they will keep up with their professional work!
  • *Selected comments from our customer survey conducted in December 2016.