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Dial-up Course K Plans

Notice on End of Dial-up Course K Plans

Dial-up Course K Plans (K5, K8, K15) have closed services as of September 30, 2020.

We have renewed Dial-up Course K1 Plan to Dial-up K1 Course and started offering service from October 1, 2020.

Please refer to the following page for details.

>> Notice on Change of Dial-up Course K Plans and Closing of Prime Access Point

In brief

Dial-up to our Prime Access Point. The dial-up telephone charge is included in Asahi Net's charge.

Standard services

Asahi Net's standard service includes all of this!

Maximum speed 128Kbps
Email address One
Mailbox size No limit
Homepage space 10MB included
IP Phone Not possible
Neo-SpamBlock service Registration free. No basic monthly charge.
Dial-up connection Possible
Mobile connection @FreeD and Air Edge are possible (extra fee)
Overseas connection Not possible
Fixed IP address Not possible

Option service
Optional services to enrich your Internet experience. Some services are chargeable.

Mobile connection Various mobile connection services offered.
Security services Virus Check, Neo-SpamBlock.
Homepage service Up to 10MB of space included.
Email service One mailbox and one email address provided as default. Possible to create an email address of your choice using our MyMail service. Additional mailboxes can be created for additional charges.
Web Mail Receive, write and send your email via Asahi Net's Web page.
i.e-mail Check and reply of the mail which reaches in the mailbox of the ASAHI net are possible from portable phone

Initial charge / Monthly charge
Asahi Net Monthly Charge

Monthly charge Dial-up connection Homepage space
Basic hours Excess charge
Dial-up course
K1 plan
300 yen
(telephone charge included)
1 hour 10 yen /min
(telephone charge included)
Up to 10MB no charge
Dial-up course
K5 plan
850 yen
(telephone charge included)
5 hours
Dial-up course
K8 plan
1,400 yen
(telephone charge included)
8 hours
Dial-up course
K15 plan
2,500 yen
(telephone charge included)
15 hours
* All charges shown exclude tax.
*Asahi Net's charge for the K Plan takes effect from the month in which a change to the Dial-up Course K Plan is requested or new signup for the Dial-up Course K Plan is made.
*To determine the amount of dial-up connection time to the Prime Access Point, the total number of seconds connected in a month is summated and then converted into minutes.
*When connections span a month, the charge for the connection will be made for the month in which the connection ended - your care is appreciated. For example, a connection starting at 23:00 on 31st January an ending at 02:00 on 1st February of 3 hours length will be billed for in February.
*Please ensure that the terminal adapter driver being used for ISDN connection is 64K synchronous. It is possible to make MP (MultilinkPPP) 128Kbps connection to the Prime Access Point if the terminal adapter driver is not set to 64K synchronous, however such connections will be charged as if two (2) lines are in use.
*Regardless of the month in which a member using this Course cancels their membership, signs up for membership, or changes to this Course, Asahi Net will charge the monthly charge for the Plan being used on this Course.
*Homepage space usage exceeding that allocated by the Course / Plan will incur a charge of 189 yen per month per 5MB excess. Please see About excess homepage usage for more information about how to calculate your homepage space usage.

Important Notes (please read)
* K Plans can only be used with the all-country 0120-253531 Prime Access Point number.
* K Plans can only be used via a fixed telephone line provided by NTT. These plans cannot be used via a cellular phone, PHS, public telephone, etc.
* K Plans can be used regardless of the telephone company to which a MyLine or MyLine Plus registration has been made.
* K Plans cannot be used in conjunction with one of NTT's cost saving schemes such as Telehodai, Time Plus, etc.
* When using K Plans, the access point must be able to see your telephone number. If you disabled the setting for displaying the telephone number or are unsure as to whether it is set or not, please add "186" before the access point telephone number.
* When using K Plans, it is possible that connection will not be possible for internal telephones where a "0" is required to be dialed before the access point number.
* When using K Plans, Proxy servers should not be used.
* When requesting a change to a Dial-up Course K Plan, the change takes effect on the first day of the following month.
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