Web Mail

Web Mail


Members may access their Asahi Net email via a Web browser at no charge. It is possible to read email, write email and send email using Web Mail. Web Mail can be accessed from the Web browser of almost any Internet-connected computer, regardless of whether that Internet connection is provided by Asahi Net or not.

How to use Web Mail

This optional service can only be used as an additional to internet connection services. You cannot apply for this optional service by itself.

There is no need to apply for Web Mail. Just click Web Mail on the Asahi Net homepage and enter your Asahi Net User ID and password to access Web Mail. A simple guide to using the Web Mail service is available here:
>> Configuration Guide


Asahi Net members can use Web Mail for no charge.

Important Notes

When you are logged in to Web Mail you cannot use POP (sending and receiving email through an email program) at the same time.