MyMail Forwarding

MyMail Forwarding


The MyMail forwarding service allows email that is sent to a MyMail address to be automatically forwarded to any other email address.

>> MyMail Service

  • Only a single forwarding address can be specified.
  • The default Asahi Net email address "User" and "*******" cannot be used with this forwarding service.

* MyMail forwarding will start in a few minutes after the setting is completed.


All charges shown include tax.

Start-up charge Monthly charge
Copy of forwarded mail NOT kept
in the Asahi Net mailbox
None None
Copy of forwarded mail is kept
in the Asahi Net mailbox
None 110 yen
  • If a copy of each forwarded message is to be left in the member's Asahi Net mailbox (in addition to forwarding), there will be a charge.
  • If cancelling the MyMail Forwarding service, the full monthly charge for the month in which the cancellation request is made will be applied, regardless of which day of the month the request is made.

How to apply for MyMail Forwarding

This optional service can only be used as an additional to internet connection services. You cannot apply for this optional service by itself.

>> Apply for MyMail Forwarding
(Your Asahi Net User ID and password is required)