Additional Mailbox

Additional Mailbox


The Additional Mailbox service allows the creation of completely separate mailboxes from the one supplied when joining Asahi Net (the one based on your User ID). A mailbox ID and password will be supplied for each additional mailbox; this ID and password cannot be used to connect to the Internet.


All charges shown exclude tax.

Individual Members

Start-up charge 200 yen
  • The start-up charge will be applied in the month in which the application for an additional mailbox is made, and monthly charges will start from the month following the month in which the application is made.

Monthly charge First mailbox 2 to 5 mailboxes 6 or more mailboxes
au Hikari Course No charge No charge 200 yen /mailbox
High-Speed Mobile (Xi & FOMA) Course 200 yen /mailbox
Other Courses No charge 200 yen /mailbox
  • Up to 5 Additional Mailboxes are available for free for users of a au Hikari Course.
  • Users of the High-Speed Mobile (Xi & FOMA) Course will be charged a monthly charge for all Additional Mailboxes registered.
  • Users of other connection Courses will have the monthly charge waived for the first Additional Mailbox registered.

Business Service Members

According to the number of additional mailboxes, a volume discount may apply for Business Service members.

Number of Additional Mailboxes Start-up charge Monthly charge
1 to 15 200 yen /mailbox 200 yen /mailbox
16 to 50 180 yen /mailbox
Over 51 160 yen /mailbox

Example: A member wanting 52 Additional Mailboxes.

Number of Additional Mailboxes Unit charge
1 to 15 (15)
16 to 50 (35)
Over 51 (2)
200 yen x 15 = 3,000 yen
180 yen x 35 = 6,300 yen
160 yen x 2 = 320 yen
Total monthly charge 9,620 yen

Important notes

  • This optional service can only be used as an additional to internet connection services. You cannot apply for this optional service by itself.

  • The additional mailbox ID has a different format to the User ID supplied with your ASAHI Net account. Additional mailbox IDs have the format M9999MM999M, ie. an 11-digit ID with the leading character an "M" and other characters a combination of letters and numbers.

  • As with the default mailbox, members can configure their email client (Outlook, etc.) to send and receive mail from their additional mailbox. Please visit our Configuration Guide for instruction on setting up an email client.
    >> Configuration Guide

  • It is possible to assign one or more MyMail address to additional mailboxes, however only the first MyMail address assigned is free; second and subsequent MyMail addresses will incur a charge.

  • It is possible to use the "Additional Mailbox" email address, however a MyMail address is much more attractive and we recommend you register one for your additional mailbox.

  • The MyMail address will have the format: , for example:

    Yourname: This part can be freely chosen by the member.
    Subdomain: There is a choice of 255 subdomains to choose from for this part.

    Please visit our MyMail Service page for more about that service.
    >> MyMail Service

How to apply for additional mailboxes

Individual members

Individual members may apply by accessing the link below.
>> Additional mailbox application page
(Your Asahi Net ID and password is required)

A confirmation number will be supplied at the end of the application procedure. Please keep a record of the confirmation number because you may need it when you contact Asahi Net about your additional mailbox application.

After completing the application, a confirmation email containing the Additional Mailbox ID and password will be sent to the member's Asahi Net email address - this process takes approximately one (1) working day. The Additional Mailbox can only be used after receipt of the confirmation email.

Business service members

Business service members may apply for additional mailboxes by completing a paper application form and returning it to Asahi Net. Please access the link below to find the form.
>> Account Maintenance : Email Services

You will receive a document from Asahi Net, "Completion notice for additional mailbox", approximately three (3) working days later by courier service.
The Additional Mailbox can only be used after receipt of the confirmation documentation from Asahi Net.

How to cancel additional mailboxes

Individual members

Cancellation of additional mailboxes must be carried out by submitting a mailbox deletion request from the Account Maintenance page or by paper form.
>> Account Maintenance : Email Services

Business service members

Cancellation of additional mailboxes must be carried out by submitting a paper form to request mailbox cancellation to Asahi Net.
>> Account Maintenance : Email Services