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Notice on Ending the Change Provider Cashback

The Change Provider Cashback will be ending on June 30, 2020.

Change Provider

3,000 yen Cashback

If currently using an NTT fiber-optic line with another provider but wish to apply for an Asahi Net membership account to connect to the Internet on the same NTT fiber-optic line, please apply for Asahi Net membership on one of these Courses:

  FLET'S Hikari Next Course (Family or Mansion)
  FLET'S Hikari Light Course (Family)
  B FLET'S Course (Family or Mansion)
  FLET'S Hikari Premium Course (Family or Mansion).

By doing so, you will be eligible for 3,000 yen cashback!


Please make sure to check which NTT fiber-optic line type you are using before making the application for Asahi Net; the Course you apply for membership on needs to match the type of NTT fiber-optic line you are using, for example if you are using a FLET'S Hikari Next Family line you should apply for Asahi Net membership on our FLET'S Hikari Next Family Course.


Information about how to get the cash back payment can be found by clicking the link below.
Click here for details of how to get the cash back payment

Steps to receipt of the 3,000 yen cashback payment
  • 1. Start using your Asahi Net Course.
  • 2. Use the Course for a minimum 4 months (includes opening month).
  • 3. On about the 15th day of the 5th month following the opening of the Course, Asahi Net will send you an email asking you to supply your bank account information. The email will be sent to your contact email address.
  • 4. Use the URL in the email to access the Get Cash Back (Net De Uketori) page and supply your bank account information. Do so within 45 days of receiving the email otherwise it will no longer be possible for the payment to be made. The email cannot be resent. The Get Cash Back page will be in Japanese but there is an English-language explanation.
  • 5. The cashback payment will be made to your bank account on the same day or next working day.
  • 3,000 yen cashback: if applying for membership on FLET'S Hikari Next Course, FLET'S Hikari Light Course, B FLET'S Course or FLET'S Hikari Premium Course.
  • 1.Network connection must be activated and confirmed within 7 months from the application month.
  • 2. Be currently using a NTT fiber-optic line.
  • 3. Use our service for a minimum 4 months.
  • 4. That you have never used our FLET'S Hikari Courses including Hikari with FLET'S Courses, FLET'S Hikari Next Courses, FLET'S Hikari Light Courses, B FLET'S Courses and FLET'S Hikari Premium Courses.
  • Should you be introduced to Asahi Net by an existing Asahi Net member, our Introduce A Friend Rewards Rewards will be applicable; the Change Provider Cashback Rewards will not be applicable.