Steps to Using Asahi Net WiMAX 2+

From application to service opening, following is the steps to using Asahi Net WiMAX 2+.
You can apply online or by phone.

  1. STEP1 Application

    Check for availability.
    Check for service availability, and just press the Application button to apply.
  2. STEP2 Receive Device

    Shortest delivery time:
    3 days
    A supported device will be sent to you. You can check its delivery status in My Page.
  3. STEP3 Start Using

    Receive, and it’s
    ready to use.
    Please follow the instructions included. Insert the IC card to the mobile router and configure.

Check for Service Availability

WiMAX 2+ service area is expanding!*

We are expanding the WiMAX 2+ service area to 99% of major cities in Japan, with 20,000 base stations.
You can always use the internet at home and away.

Service Area Map

  • There are places (indoors, underground floors, tunnels, between buildings, mountain areas, on the train or vehicle) where internet is slow and connectivity is poor even if you are within the WiMAX 2+ service area. Also, please note that there may be cases where you cannot use the internet in the upper floors of high-rise constructions.

How to Set Connection

Please follow the included instructions. You can use on the day you receive the router.

  1. STEP 1

    Turn WiMAX 2+ device switch “ON”.

    Attach the au IC card to the WiMAX 2+ device and turn the switch ON.


  2. STEP2

    Open the wireless LAN connection settings.

    Open the wireless LAN connection settings on a PC etc., and search for your access point.*


    • An access point is a type of wireless device (such as laptops) that connects to other networks. The setup depends on your OS and device in use. Please refer to the manual you have.
  3. STEP3

    Enter SSID and KEY.

    After searching the access point, please enter the SSID and KEY, which are indicated in the back of WiMAX 2+ device.


  4. STEP4

    Your Setup is Complete!

    It will take only minimum 5 minutes.


See Setup Guide for Each Device

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