ANSIM Charges

Initial Charge

Initial Setup Charge 3,300 yen

Monthly Charge *2 *3

Plan Data Traffic Monthly Charge
3 Giga Plan 3GB/month 1,760 yen/month
7 Giga Plan 7GB/month 2,948 yen/month
20 Giga Plan 20GB/month 5,500 yen/month
50 Giga Plan 50GB/month 12,320 yen/month

Other Charges

Calls In Japan 22 yen/30 seconds
Data traffic
additional charge *5
550 yen/500MB each time
SIM card size change 3,300 yen per SIM card
Plan change handling fee *6 No charge
(text messaging) *4
Send message to destination in Japan : From 3.3 yen to 33 yen per message
Send message to destination outside Japan : From 50 to 500(non-taxed) per message
Receive message : 0 yen per message

The Service

Data Traffic

3 Giga Plan 3GB/month *7
7 Giga Plan 7GB/month *7
20 Giga Plan 20GB/month *7
50 Giga Plan 50GB/month *7
110MB/Day Plan 110MB/day *8


LTE Max download 262.5Mbps/Max upload 50Mbps
3G Max download 14Mbps/Max upload 5.7Mbps
  • If the data traffic limit is reached in a month, the speed will be 200Kbps until the end of the month.


  • It is possible to make international calls with the service. *9
    For details of which countries can be called and the call charge, please refer to this NTT Docomo Web page.

    NTT Docomo Calling and Sending Messages Abroad

  • There is a 20,000 yen monthly limit on international call charges. It is not possible to change this limit. Should charges in a month meet the limit, it will not be possible to make further outgoing international calls until the following month.
  • International roaming (using the service outside Japan) is not possible.
  • The charge for videophone digital communication is 39.6 yen/30 seconds.
ANSIM Voice SIM Application
Apply by Web

Click and Apply

Apply by Phone 0120-577-135 0120-577-135

10 a.m-5 p.m., Monday to Friday,
excluding national holidays

After listening to the audio assist, press the applicable number.

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  • All charges shown above include tax.
  • The communication speeds shown for this service are the maximum technically possible, however they are not the speeds that you will actually experience when using the service. The service is a "best effort" service and therefore actual speeds are dependent on many factors including the communication environment, congestion on networks, the device in use at the time, etc. 262.5Mbps is possible only in some Xi (crossy) areas.
  • The 50 yen/month discount is also applicable with Asahi Net au Hikari Courses, ADSL Courses, the FLET'S ISDN Course, the Mail and Blog Course, Dial-up Courses and the FLET'S Hikari Wi-Fi Access Course. Please note the discount is not applicable when ANSIM is bundled with AsahiNet docomo Hikari.
  • The charge for the 110MB/day Plan is 1,760 yen/month.
  • Universal Service charge and Telephone Relay Service charge are applied separately to each SIM card.
  • The actual SMS (text messaging) charge depends on the number of characters in the message being sent. Messages sent outside of Japan are tax-exempt.
  • The additional data traffic can only be used in the month it is purchased and cannot be carried over to the following month. It is possible to charge up to a maximum 6 times in a month. Should the additional data traffic be used up, the data speed will be restricted to 200kbps.
  • A change of Plan takes effect on the first day of the following month. It is not possible to accept a change of Plan request at the end of every month.
  • If the data traffic of 3 Giga Plan, 7 Giga Plan, 20 Giga Plan and 50 Giga Plan has reached the monthly limit, the speed will be 200Kbps until the end of the month.
  • If data traffic reaches 110MB in a day, the speed will be 200Kbps for the rest of the day.
  • Charges for international calls made with the service are tax-exempt.