docomo and ANSIM - The differences

Here we explain the differences between docomo and ANSIM services, so that users of a NTT DOCOMO smartphone (Android or iPhone) are aware of the services and functions they will be able to continue using or be unable to continue to use after they switch to ANSIM.

The differences in basic functionality and services

  docomo ANSIM
Monthly Charge Up to 6,500 yen /month From 1,600 yen /month
Call Charge Same! 20 yen /30 seconds *1
Free Calls Yes No
Only pay for what you use. No waste.
Phone Number Same!080, 090 number
Number portability (MNP) is possible
Call Quality
& Area
Same!Connect everywhere in Japan
Same call and Internet quality, same functionality!
Same! Maximum Communication Speed*2 *3
  • LTE:
    Download 150Mbps/Upload 50Mbps
  • 3G :
    Download 14Mbps/Upload 5.7Mbps
Email Address address, etc. Create your own email address.
You can't continue using a address but can create your own using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Asahi Net's email service.
Text Messages Same!Yes
Apps Same!Yes
LINE, Facebook, Twitter, other apps. *4
Smartphones Smartphone provided by NTT DOCOMO
Minimum Usage Period 2 years
Auto-renewal every 2 years. Cancellation fee billed if cancellation not made in determined period.
1 year
After 1 year has passed, cancellation is possible at any time without a cancellation fee.
  • All charges shown above exclude tax.
  • You will be unable to continue receiving any discounts provided by NTT DOCOMO, be unable to use the Osaifu-Keitai service, be unable to use au Smart Pass, and be unable to use services and functions that were only provided by NTT DOCOMO to you.
  • NTT DOCOMO offers fixed-charge voice services. ANSIM is pay-as-you-go.
  • With NTT DOCOMO, if the amount of data used in a month exceeds the data capacity stipulated in the contract, the maximum upload/download speed will be 128kbps until the month end.
  • With ANSIM, if the amount of data used in a month exceeds the data capacity stipulated in the contract, the maximum upload/download speed will be 200kbps until the month end. With the 110MB/day Plan, if the amount of data used reaches 110MB in a day, the speed will be 200Kbps for the rest of the day.
  • With ANSIM, searching by ID and name with the LINE app will not be possible.

A more detailed comparison

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Yes : Use of the service is possible. | No : Use of the service is not possible.

Service docomo ANSIM


Text messages(SMS) Yes Yes
docomo email address
( )
Yes NoClick for
Asahi Net (ANSIM) email address
No Yes
Free email services Yes Yes

Mobile Payment

Mobile Suica Yes YesClick for
Nanaco mobile Yes YesClick for
Rakuten Edy Yes YesClick for
WAON Yes YesClick for
Osaifu Ponta Yes YesClick for
QuickPay Yes YesClick for
iD Yes YesClick for

Contents Service

dTV Yes YesClick for
d Music Yes YesClick for
d Anime Store Yes YesClick for
Sugo Contents Yes No


Talk Yes Yes
Timeline Yes Yes
LINE Phone Yes Yes
LINE Game Yes Yes
LINE App Yes Yes
Add friend : Shake it! Yes Yes
Add friend : QR code Yes Yes
Add friend : Contacts Yes Yes
Add friend : ID search Yes NoClick for


Facebook Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
International Roaming Yes NoClick for

Payment Methods

Credit card Yes Yes
Account transfer Yes No
Payment on invoice Yes No
Pay-easy Yes No
Device Coverage YesClick for
YesClick for

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