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The PacketWIN Service

PacketWIN is a data transfer service offered by KDDI (au) in which data is transferred in packets. Users of a CDMA 1X WIN-enabled device will be able to download data at maximum speeds of up to 2.4Mbps.

Please refer to KDDI's Web page for details of their PacketWIN service.
>> KDDI's Web page

Using PacketWIN at Asahi Net

With the exception of Asahi Net's Dial-up Course K Plan, any Asahi Net Course offers dial-up connection time that can be used for connections to the PacketWIN service. Of course a PacketWIN-capable device is required to access the service, and a contract with KDDI for their PacketWIN service. There is no special application at Asahi Net.


Connections to the PacketWIN service will be metered by Asahi Net and the total connection time in a month used when calculating the member's monthly charges based on the Asahi Net Course/Plan they use. Any Asahi Net Plan can be used with the service, but please be sure to use a Plan that supplies sufficient dial-up hours for your needs. There is no special Asahi Net application required to use the PacketWIN service. Please contact KDDI about their charges for their PacketWIN service, as these will be billed separately and are not included in Asahi Net's charges.

How to Connect to PacketWIN

User name : Asahi Net User
Password : Asahi Net password
Phone number : *99**24#

Important Points About Using PacketWIN

  • For computers using "Client for Microsoft Networks" or "Microsoft Shared Networking" packet transmission may occur without the user being aware of it, and therefore unrequired charges will be incurred. Please take care that installed software is not causing unknown packet transfer.
  • In cases of more than 15 minutes of continued non transfer of packets, connection will be automatically cut at the next attempted transfer, and it will be necessary to re-connect again. Should automatic disconnection not take place and packet transfer therefore not be possible, you will be required to disconnect yourself and then re-connect manually.
  • Should the signal be cut or power lost during use of the PacketWIN service, a charge equivalent to 1 additional minute of connection will be made by Asahi Net for each occurrence. (See the above diagram for more information).

Calculation of Connection Time

  • The example shows a 1-hour connection. A standard dial-up (non-PacketWIN) is indicated by the green bar.
    Packet transfer

  • With connections made to PacketWIN, non transfer of packets of over a minute (for example when reading already downloaded Web pages) will not be included in connection times. For this reason, as the example in the diagram shows, in a connection of 1 hours length the true connection time is calculated by adding period 1 and period 2 - the period between this has been used for Web browsing where packet transfer was not involved.
    (1)=15:00 to 15:11 (11 minutes)
    (2)=15:25 to 16:00 (35 minutes)

    Total of 46 minutes connected (14 minutes not counted)

  • With PacketWIN, where connections have been made for over a minute and transfer of packets takes place, the calculation of charges is the same as with standard dial-up to Asahi Net's access points.

Confirming connection information

Please confirm whether a PacketWIN connection is being made by referring to the list below. (1) and (2) show the connection times (in seconds) for the example shown in the diagram (there may be slight differences to the actual number of seconds.)

Account maintenance
(Detailed Information of each PPP connection)

Seconds Method Device
(2) 2100 secs. PacketWIN Cell phone
(1) 660 secs. PacketWIN Cell phone

After completion of a KDDI contract for use of the PacketWIN service there is no need to inform Asahi Net that you are going to use the PacketWIN access number.

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