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The FOMA Service

FOMA (Freedom of Mobile multimedia Access) is a third-generation mobile phone service offered by NTT DoCoMo. High-speed data communication at maximum speeds of 384kbps is possible. The service is based on W-CDMA technology.

Two types of data communication service are offered:
(1) a circuit-switching type service with maximum speeds of 64kbps. Charges are based on the amount of time spent connected to the service.
(2) a packet-communication service with maximum upstream speeds of 64kbps and maximum downstream speeds of 384kbps. Charges are based on the number of packets transmitted.

For more information (in English) see NTT DoCoMo's FOMA page:
>> NTT DoCoMo's Services page
>> NTT DoCoMo's Products page

Using FOMA at Asahi Net

With the exception of Asahi Net's Dial-up Course K Plan, any Asahi Net Course offers dial -up connection time that can be used for connections to the FOMA service. Of course a FOMA-capable cell phone or FOMA-capable PC card is required to access the service, and a contract with NTT DoCoMo for their FOMA service. There is no special application at Asahi Net.


Connections to the FOMA service will be metered by Asahi Net and the total connection time in a month used when calculating the member's monthly charges based on the Asahi Net Course/Plan they use. Any Asahi Net Plan can be used with the service, but please be sure to use a Plan that supplies sufficient dial-up hours for your needs. There is no special Asahi Net application required to use the FOMA service. Please contact NTT DoCoMo about their charges for their FOMA service, as these will be billed separately and are not included in Asahi Net's charges.

How to Connect to FOMA

Method for Packet Communication

Connection point (APN*) :
User name : Asahi Net User
Password : Asahi Net password
* Refer to the appropriate maker's manual for the APN connection method.

Method for 64K Data Communication

Connection point : ISDN-capable access point
User name : Asahi Net User
Password : Asahi Net password

Important Points About Using FOMA

Please exercise the utmost caution when configuring for connection to the service. In particular, after the first connection has been made, confirm your connections to Asahi Net, as follows.

>> Confirm your connections (Asahi Net User ID and Password)

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