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Notice on Closing of AIR-EDGE Connection Service
In association with the closing of AIR-EDGE Connection service by Softbank Corp., which is the supplier of the service, we will be closing AIR-EDGE Connection service as of July 31, 2020.

Accordingly, we have stopped taking new application for the service as of November 1, 2018.

We thank you for your interest in the service and those members who have been using the service.

As an alternative service, we recommend Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ to our customers and members.

>> Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ service page


AIR-EDGE is a data transmission service offered by SoftBank that uses packet technology.

With a compatible AIR-EDGE PC card, you can use SoftBank's 8-packet format, 4-packet format, 1-packet format or Flex Change format to connect to Asahi Net's AIR-EDGE access points.

Please refer to SoftBank's Web page for details of their service and charges.
>> SoftBank's AIR-EDGE Web page (Japanese)

Using AIR-EDGE at Asahi Net

Any of Asahi Net's Courses (with the exception of the Dial-up Course K Plans) offer a number of dial-up hours that can be used for connection to the AIR-EDGE access point. Alternatively, should you apply for Asahi Net's AIR-EDGE Option, unlimited AIR-EDGE connection is possible with any Asahi Net Course, even the Dial-up Course K Plans.

If not using the AIR-EDGE Option, please be careful to not exceed the number of base dial-up hours available with the Plan you use, otherwise excess usage charges will apply.

If you are wanting unlimited AIR-EDGE connection without worrying about accumulating charges for time you spend using the service (and this is recommended for users of one of SoftBank's unlimited AIR-EDGE plans) we urge the use of either of the following.

Use the B Plan or S Plan on any Asahi Net Course

With the B Plan and S Plan on any Asahi Net Course, unlimited connection to the AIR-EDGE access point is possible.

Check your Asahi Net Course and Plan here:
>> Check/Change Your Course and Plan
( Your Asahi Net User ID and Password are necessary)
* Business service members must use a paper form to make a change.

Apply for the AIR-EDGE Option

By applying for the AIR-EDGE Option you give yourself unlimited connection to the AIR-EDGE access point, regardless of which Asahi Net Course/Plan you use. If using the Dial-up Course K Plan, you must apply for this AIR-EDGE Option to get unlimited AIR-EDGE connection.

AIR-EDGE Option monthly charge : 500 yen

  • The Monthly charge for the AIR-EDGE Option will apply in the month of application.
  • In addition to the AIR-EDGE Option monthly charge, the monthly charge for the Course/Plan in use will also apply.
  • The Monthly charge for the AIR-EDGE Option will apply in the month of cancellation of the AIR-EDGE Option.

This optional service can only be used as an additional to internet connection services. You cannot apply for this optional service by itself.

Use this page to apply for the AIR-EDGE Option:
>> Apply for the AIR-EDGE Option
( Your Asahi Net User ID and Password are necessary)

Examples of Plans for use with AIR-EDGE

If you only want unlimited AIR-EDGE connection
Use the Dial-up Course K1 Plan 300 yen + the 500 yen AIR-EDGE Option: total 800 yen .

If you want FLET'S ADSL at home and AIR-EDGE outside the home
Use the FLET'S ADSL Course M Plan 700 yen + the 500 yen AIR-EDGE Option: total 1,200 yen .

If you want dial-up at home and AIR-EDGE outside the home
Use the Dial-up Course S Plan 1,950 yen .

How to cancel The AIR-EDGE Option

Use this page to cancel the AIR-EDGE Option.
>> Cancel the AIR-EDGE Option
( Your Asahi Net User ID and Password are required. )



User Name Asahi Net User
Password Asahi Net password
Access Point Number The number allotted to your SoftBank service contract
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

Access Points

SoftBank Service Name
Type of Service
Telephone Number
Net 25
Flex Change format
4x packet format (*1)
Tsunagi hodai Course 1x
1x packet format (*2)
2x packet format (*3)
Tsunagi hodai Course 4x
4x packet format (*1)
Pake Komi Net
1x packet format (*2)
4x packet format (*1)
Net 25 (Pro)
Tsunagi hodai (Pro)
Pake Komi Net (Pro)
8x packet format (*4)
(*1) 4x packet format offers speeds of up to 128kbps.
(*2) 1x packet format offers speeds of up to 32kbps.
(*3) 2x packet format offers speeds of up to 64kbps. Please confirm how to do this via SoftBank's homepage.
(*4) 8x packet format offers communication through 8 channels. Speeds of up to 256Kbps are offered.

A PC with a PC Card slot
An AIR EDGE compatible PC Card

Important notes about using AIR-EDGE

When using an AIR-EDGE compatible device it is still possible to make a connection to SoftBank's PIAFS access points made available for their PHS users. However if you mistakenly do so, you risk being billed exceptionally high communication charges by SoftBank. In other words, when using an AIR-EDGE device, make sure that your computers settings allow for connections ONLY to the AIR-EDGE service.

Members may view their connection history via the following page. Please check that you are making AIR-EDGE connections. The connection history displayed is updated approximately every hour.
>> Check your connection history
( Your Asahi Net User ID and Password are necessary)

If using an AIR-EDGE phone, even if you don't connect to an AIR-EDGE access point or our All Japan PIAFS access point you will be able to use Asahi Net's email service and view Web pages. For more information, please refer to the documentation you received with the AIR-EDGE phone, or contact SoftBank.

When connecting to the Internet with a connection service not offered by Asahi Net, it is possible for some of Asahi Net's services to be unavailable. Your understanding is appreciated.

More information

The A&B discount

Asahi Net is participating in SoftBank's AIR-EDGE A&B discount. The discount is open to those who are using both a broadband service and SoftBank's AIR-EDGE service; a 15% discount (at time of writing) on SoftBank's monthly AIR-EDGE charge is available.

The AIR-EDGE user makes an application directly to SoftBank for SoftBank's A&B discount, and in their application they state the provider they are using for broadband (ADSL, FTTH, etc) service. SoftBank then asks Asahi Net to contact the user (if an Asahi Net member) to verify that they want SoftBank's discount: this contact will be made by email.

The following Asahi Net Courses are applicable:

  • All ADSL Courses
  • All FTTH Courses
The following SoftBank AIR EDGE Courses are applicable:
  • Tsunagi hodai PRO
  • Net 25 PRO
  • Tsunagi hodai 4x
  • Tsunagi hodai 1x
  • Net 25
  • Pake Komi Net

For more information, see SoftBank's Japanese page:
>> SoftBank's A&B service page (Japanese)

SoftBank's AIR-EDGE Charges

SoftBank's charges for their AIR-EDGE service are independent of Asahi Net's charges; so you will need to pay both charges.

For more information, see SoftBank's Web page:
>> SoftBank's Web page (Japanese)

※All charges shown exclude tax.

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