Reject E-mail Sent to Default Addresses

Reject E-mail Sent to Default Addresses


As a measure to prevent receipt of unsolicited email, Asahi Net has made it possible for members to reject email that is sent to their default Asahi Net email addresses. The two types of default email address applicable are User and User

This measure is suitable for members who are being inconvenienced by a lot of unsolicited email being sent to their default email addresses. Mail that is sent to MyMail addresses or Virtual Domain email addresses affixed to the member's mailbox will not be rejected by this measure.

Important notes

  • Emails sent to your default addresses will be returned to the sender with an error message.
  • If you have registered your default email addresses on mailing lists and/or shopping sites, or other places, you will no longer be able to receive their email. Before performing this operation, you should change the email addresses you have registered with such places to another email address, such as a MyMail address, so that you continue to receive the email you want to receive.
  • Please register a MyMail address first in order to start using this service. You will continue to receive email sent to your MyMail address even if you reject email sent to the default address.

    >> MyMail Service

Your acceptance of these conditions is required

You will be required to consent to the following conditions.

  • Asahi Net will continue to send important emails to your default email addresses.
  • Other Asahi Net members can still send email to your default addresses if they use Asahi Net's WEB MAIL service.
  • Asahi Net will not be liable for any damage or loss you suffer by your completing this operation in order to reject email sent to your default Asahi Net email addresses.

How to enable rejection

Open the Reject email sent to default addresses page.

>> Reject email sent to default addresses

* Your Asahi Net ID and password area required to access the page.
* If you are wanting to apply this to an Additional mailbox, enter that Additional Mailbox ID and password.