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Lite ADSL 

ACCA Course

In brief

Effective 1st April 2009, Asahi Net is no longer taking applications for the Lite ADSL ACCA Course.

Service uses the ADSL infrastructure of ACCA Networks.



Asahi Net's standard service includes all of this!

Maximum speed Maximum download speeds of up to 3Mbps
Maximum upload speeds of up to 1Mbps (best effort)
Email address One
Mailbox size No limit
Incoming mail No limit
Homepage space 100MB included
IP Phone Registration free. No basic monthly charge.
Neo-SpamBlock service Registration free. No basic monthly charge.
Dial-up connection Possible
Mobile connection Possible
Overseas connection Possible
Fixed IP address Not possible

All charges 

shown include 

Asahi Net Monthly Charge

ADSL connection Dial-up connection Homepage
Monthly charge
M Plan Always-on up to 5 hours
- no charge
5.25 yen for excess charge
(5 yen base)
Up to 100MB
no charge
1,523 yen
(1,450 yen)
S Plan Unlimited 3,098 yen
(2,950 yen base)

NTT line usage charge Type 1 119 yen (113 yen base)
Type 2 1,435 yen (1,366 yen base)

Modem rental charge 819 yen (780 yen base)

Total monthly charge *1 2,461 yen (2,343 yen base)

*1 The total monthly charge is calculated from the sum of the Monthly charge (M Plan) + Modem rental charge + NTT line usage charge (Type 1). If using a Type 2 line, the total monthly charge for is 3,777 yen (3,596 yen base).


  • Dial-up connection is possible, independent of your ADSL connection. For example, you can be on a business trip and connect your laptop computer to one of our dial-up access points.
  • From the "month of joining" until the "opening month" there will be no charge, unless optional service(s) are used or excess usage is incurred.
  • Regardless of the plan in use on the Lite ADSL ACCA Course, unlimited dial-up connection time is allowed in the "month of joining" at no charge.
  • In the month of cancellation, the monthly charge and charges for optional
    service(s) and excess usage (if applicable) will be charged, regardless of whether the month of cancellation is the "month of joining" or "opening month".
  • As well as Asahi Net's initial charges for this service, NTT will charge for construction work.
  • Those using a Type 1 line (the line is shared for both voice calls and ADSL service) will pay NTT for all voice call related charges.
  • The member will bear the cost of returning the rental ADSL modem provided with this service.
  • A router-type ADSL modem is provided with this service. A USB type ADSL modem is not provided.
  • Those members whose opening date of this ACCA Networks ADSL service is after the 20th day of a month will have their initial charges for the ADSL service made in the month after the opening month. Your understanding is appreciated.

Initial charge
Initial Setup Handling charge Total charge
2,100 yen
(2,000 yen base)
840 yen
(800 yen base)
2,940 yen
(2,800 yen base)

NTT Charges
NTT construction charge Type 1 3,203 yen (3,050 yen base)
Type 2 2,310 yen (2,200 yen base)
  • The above charges are payable by the member to NTT.
  • There are times when additional charge(s) is incurred to change your circuit from ISDN to analog line or when in-house construction is necessary for Type 2 application.

Modem installation by ACCA Networks
ADSL modem installation
by ACCA contractor
8,400 yen (8,000 yen base)
  • There is an installation charge for having an ACCA Networks contractor install the modem for you. This is an optional service, so you may prefer to Do It Yourself (DIY) instead. There are restrictions on the type of computer that can be serviced, for example only computers made in Japan or sold in Japan.

Line Types

Type 1
  • ADSL is placed on an existing analog phone line.
  • The same line can be used for voice calls while connected to this ADSL service.
  • Type 1 applications are unacceptable where the line is used for:
    • Security services offered by security companies.
    • PBX systems.
    • Off-talk communication service.
    In the above cases, please apply for a Type 2 line.
Type 2
  • A dedicated data line is supplied, allowing only ADSL communication.
  • ADSL ACCA Type 2 applications are only possible if you already have a NTT phone line, in other words you also want a Type 2 ADSL-only line.
  • The NTT line setup fee of 75,600 yen (72,000 yen base) is not required. Phone calls on NTT's telephone network cannot be made on a Type 2 line, but it is possible to use ASAHI Net's IP- Phone-C service to make IP-Phone calls.
  • There may be cases where it is not possible to have a Type 2 line installed. Please contact your building administrator.

Option service
Optional services to enrich your Internet experience. Some services are chargeable.

Mobile connection Various cell phone and PHS connection services offered.
Overseas connection Reliable connection for your business trips.
Access points in over 20 countries.
Fixed IP address One dymnamic global IP address per User ID.
IP Phone / IP TV Phone Services offered. See service pages for details.
Security services Virus Check, Neo-SpamBlock.
Homepage service Up to 100MB of space included.
Email service One mailbox and one email address provided as default.
Possible to create an email address of your choice using our MyMail service.
Additional mailboxes can be created for additional charges.
Web Mail Receive, write and send your email via Asahi Net's Web page.

The steps to 

opening of 


>>The steps to opening of service: new signup
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Switching speed 

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