Asahi Net IP-Phone Services - Comparison

IP-Phone/IP-TV-Phone Top IP-Phone-C IP-Phone-F IP-TV-Phone-F

Users of Asahi Net's B FLET'S Course or FLET'S ADSL Course can use either the IP-Phone-C service or the IP-Phone-F service. The main difference between IP-Phone-C and IP-Phone-F is they use different VoIP backbones (IP-Phone-C uses NTT Communications, IP-Phone-F uses NTT ME).

IP-Phone Services Comparison

Comparison of Call Charges

IP-Phone-C Service name IP-Phone-F
No charge Call IP-Phone numbers of those using the same service No charge
8.40 yen / 3 minutes Call telephone line users in Japan 8.40 yen / 3 minutes
Differs per area.
Eg, USA 9 yen / minute
Call overseas Differs per each area.
Eg, USA 9 yen / minute
19.95 yen / minute Call cell phones *1 19.95 yen / minute
Setup charge:
10.50 yen *2
Metered charge:
10.50 yen / minute
Call PHS phones *3 21 yen / 90 seconds
No charge Call IP-Phone numbers of those using the same service but with a different ISP No charge
NTT Communications
@nifty (@nifty phone),
BIGLOBE (IP-Phone by NTT Com), OCN (OCN .Phone), hi-ho (hi-ho Denwa-C), So-net (So-net Phone), etc.
>>Affiliated providers

ISPs using the same IP-Phone VoIP platform NTT-ME
Plala (Plala Phone FLET'S), BIGLOBE (BIGLOBE Phone(PN)), IIJ4U (FLET'S IP Denwa Option), BB.excite (BB.excite Phone), ReSET.JP (YourNet Phone), Docomo/AOL (FLET'S AOL Phone) etc.
>>Affiliated providers

*1. Only cell phone users of NTT DoCoMo group, au group, Vodafone and Tsuka group can be called.
*2. The setup charge applies for every call made to a PHS user.
*3. Only PHS users of DDI Pocket, NTT DoCoMo group, and ASTEL can be called.